At Tonsjö, we can guarantee great quality products with the help of sound and sustainable production methods.


We recycle every flake of metal and every drop of lubricant. All of the energy we use is renewable, and everything we produce is thoroughly tested. This way, we can guarantee a sustainable and reliable production with the highest of quality.

We are very meticulous with modern ergonomics and always do our best in creating the right conditions for personal growth in the work place. As a result, we are proud to say that we have very low sick leave among our employees.

Every metal flake counts

At Tonsjö, everything is carefully tested but nothing is wasted. All of the excess metal materials from our productions are collected, cleaned and put to good use.

Fully powered by renewable sources

We are fully powered by renewable sources from Vindrosen Wind Turbine and solar panels. And we continuously track our power consumption in order to optimize our energy use.

A place to grow and feel at home

By creating a safe, cohesive and inclusive environment we do our very best to ensure a healthy work place with contented, motivated and dedicated employees.

A local strength for Nordic companies

By working closely with our Nordic costumers’ production, we can always deliver reliable and high quality products on time – with minimized transport.

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